Our Mission

Founded in 1951, CCCU is a solid financial co-operative with more than 52,000 members and over $1 billion assets.

Our Members are Owners

We've been helping members just like you save more money and time since 1951. Unlike banks, we don't profit at your expense. Instead, we return the profits back to our members in the form of lower loan rates and fees, higher deposit yields, cutting-edge services and a Bonus Dividend that rewards your participation in the credit union. We prove every day that it pays to belong to CCCU.

At CCCU, you're an owner, not a customer. You have a voice, a choice in the way you want to bank. You're the sole reason we are in business and we’re here to help you reach your financial goals.

With You Every Step of the Way

We're committed to you during every stage of your life – personal finances, business needs, retirement and investments, and more. No matter what life brings you, we're here to help.

Adding Value

As a not for profit, CCCU exists to add value and provide personal service to every member. Because of that, our members' finances reach further and help them realize their goals sooner. We help you have the means to fund more of your dreams. And that's the real benefit of belonging to CCCU.

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