Bill Pay

No more writing paper checks, buying stamps or trips to the post office. It's simple and takes only a few minutes for the initial set up.

If you have a CCCU checking account, you can use our free online banking or mobile banking to pay your bills and send money to others. We provide three different methods to help you organize your bills and pay them when they’re due.

Digital Payments & Checks

Having your bills linked to your credit union account enables you to electronically write checks and send payments in one place. You can pay just about any company, person, loan or account using our secure bill pay. Before you can begin making payments, you need to decide what type of payee to create and how they receive funds:

  1. Company: Electronically pay a company such as your mobile phone provider, utility company or even your dentist.
  2. Person: There are multiple ways you can pay a person. *
    1. Person via direct deposit: Send money directly to someone’s account using their routing and account numbers.
    2. Person via check: request a check to be sent to a payee. We print it and drop it in the mail for you.
  3. Pay a loan, credit card or account: Your payment is applied directly to your loan, credit card or account electronically.

*To send money Person to email, members can use the “Send Money” feature on the online banking home page.


An eBill (electronic bill) is an electronic version of the paper bill that you can view and pay online. We have a database of prefilled companies loaded into the system. Only billers that are present in the system have the potential to be set up as an eBill.

  • Go Green! You will continue to receive paper bills from the biller, to opt out you will need to contact the company.
  • Email and phone alerts can be set-up for new bills along with several additional notification options.
  • You can send one-time payments or a recurring payment.

Biller Direct

Biller Direct is the third option for paying your bills. Linking bills to your credit union account, credit card or debit card enables you to send payments in one convenient place.

  • The Biller Direct database is pre-filled with companies that have online bill pay.
  • Pay the actual payment due, you cannot pay more, or pay additional if you are not due for a payment.
  • Not all companies are set up for electronic payment.
  • Bills will be paid via paper check.

* Before you can set up a company within Biller Direct, you must have online bill pay set up on our website.

Get Started

Online Banking and Bill Pay provides consistency and peace of mind. It allows you to see where your money is going and follow a budget. Register today!

If you have a current checking account, you can enroll online for our Bill Payment services.

Simply click the "Bill Payment" link and follow the instructions.