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Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing to Sell Your Home and Start a New Home Loan in Las Vegas

The housing market is booming once again with millions of existing homes bought and sold every year. While each of these transactions is unique, just about every owner listing their home shares the following goal: to get the best possible deal with as little hassle as possible. How close you get to achieving this goal will depend upon several factors. Consider the following questions to help guide you through the preparation process of selling your home and starting a new home loan in Las Vegas:

  • Do you want to use a real estate agent?

    Listing your home without the assistance of a real estate agent offers the potential of saving money in fees and headaches. However, it also can come with its own frustrations related to proper marketing, promoting, and selling. There's also turnover. In general, because a real estate agent has the experience to more accurately price and market your home, homes tend to sell fastest when listed via a real estate agent.
  • Can you improve your home's value without compromising finances?

    Buyers generally seek the least expensive home in the best priced/quality neighborhood they can afford. As a seller, you want to thus market a home that fits in with the average price of your neighborhood. If you're looking for a fast sale or a boost in value, look more at cosmetic and mechanical improvements and less at capital investments. For example, replace a noisy refrigerator and add a few coats of paint to help your home look better while not tying too much of your finances in a house you're selling.
  • Why do you want to move?

    This question is important for both selling your current home and when researching home loans in Las Vegas. It is important to sit down and be honest with yourself. Are you looking to move because of bad neighbors? Issues with the Home Owner's Association? Or do you simply have a growing family for which you need more space or need to be closer to work? Whatever the case, knowing what you don't like and what you want will help you accurately market your current home and work with loan officers on finding the right pick on your next property.

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