Clark County Credit Union (Las Vegas, NV)

Clark County Credit Union Gives Back More Than $3 Million in Bonus Dividend Amounts

This year's annual Clark County Credit Union Dividend Day celebration resulted in members receiving more than $3 million dispersed into their accounts. In total, the bonus dividend amount came to $3,355,881.43. Each of the 44,000 members received at least $20 and many earned more than $500.

What is Dividend Day?


Dividend Day included more than just deposits into individual bank accounts. The day was celebrated at each of the six branch locations, where members could enjoy donuts and decorations as well as take photos with a $3 million bill prop. Those who took photos and shared them on social media with the hashtag #CCCUDividendDay also received free movie tickets.

The annual dividend is determined by calculating the amount of money coming in daily from deposits and loans. Members should view these transactions as investments that will pay off later. This year's bonus dividend is proof of that. While the annual dividend isn't guaranteed each year, it is always credit union management's goal to not only enjoy success as a business, but also share that success with the members who make it possible. Excess money from the non-profit organization is used to provide additional services and better rates for members, in addition to the bonus dividend.

The annual dividend from CCCU is a major benefit for current members and a draw for potential members. When the credit union has an especially good year, members benefit as well. Since 2001, close to $60 million has been returned to members. Those who benefit from the returns have noted they do a variety of things with the money, including putting it back into savings, paying off debt and spending it as fun money.

How to Become Eligible for Bonus Dividend Amounts

The first step in becoming eligible for a bonus dividend is to become a Clark County Credit Union member. Contact us at 702-228-2228 to learn more about opening an account with us.


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