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Budgeting for Back to School Using the Best Bank Accounts in North Las Vegas

Back 2 SchoolThe end of summer means the start of another school year. Instead of lounging poolside, it's time to line up carpools, fill out necessary paperwork, and get started on a back-to-school shopping list. Unfortunately, school shopping can be expensive. According to the National Retail Federation, on average, a family with school-aged children expects to spend just over $600 on school-oriented items like clothes, backpacks, and electronic supplies.

If this isn't a number you're prepared to spend, don't worry- you're not alone. As a provider of the best bank accounts in North Las Vegas, Clark County Credit Union is here to help you trim down those costs. Check out these key budgeting tips to make this year's back-to-school shopping a breeze:

  • If you haven't already, set up a spreadsheet and make a comprehensive list for each child based on the school’s provided supply list. Save and use previous years' expenses as a guide.
  • Many stores hold big fall sales after the initial school rush and before the holidays. Consider buying just a few key items now and spread the rest of the shopping over the year when bigger deals can be found.
  • If your child wants to try out a new sport or activity, purchase used equipment or instruments for at least the first year. School-aged children are bound to experiment with a variety of activities before they find something that truly suits them. Avoid making any big investments until they've found their niche.
  • For many school supplies, it's worth it to go in bulk. Take advantage of volume discounts and sales and share costs among other families.

Don't rely too heavily on online shopping. While online shopping may save time and gas, you aren't always guaranteed the lowest prices. Plus, if something doesn't fit right or it's the wrong edition of a required school book, returning can be a headache. Use a website like PriceGrabber to compare online costs and do some in-store comparisons to get a better idea of where the biggest savings are.

Open the Best Bank Accounts in North Las Vegas through CCCU

Of course, even the best budgeting plans go awry. When you're shopping at multiple locations and/or across different days, it's easy to lose track of how much you've spent in total. Try and keep track of each expense on your spreadsheet, but you might also consider opening up a separate checking account for school expenses. Simply withdraw cash from that account or transfer the amount you’re prepared to spend and use only that debit card when making purchases.

Additionally, if you have an idea of what you anticipate next year's expenses will be and want to get saving now, open one of the best bank accounts in North Las Vegas at CCCU. Every week, you can request for a certain amount to automatically transfer into a special school savings account. For example, if anticipate you'll spend $400 next year, automatically transfer $8 each week and you'll be ready when August back-to-school shopping arrives again. Call 702-228-2228 to get started today.

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