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How to Save for a Wedding with the Best Savings Account in Las Vegas


Did you know the average cost of a wedding is over $25,000? Of course, here in Vegas, everyone has the option of doing a quick and inexpensive wedding at one of the many wedding chapels. But, that is not the dream wedding most people have in mind. Saving for a wedding is easier when you have the best savings account Las Vegas has to offer, especially when you create a separate account just for wedding expenses.

Why Do Weddings Cost So Much?

Most couples try to set a budget when planning a wedding. However, costs can add up quickly, blowing the budget out of the water without careful planning. Here are the areas where costs can get out of control:

  • Catering and venue - The cost to feed each guest at your wedding can be startling, starting at $30 and going up. If you have a wedding with 50 people, you are talking about $1,500 or more. The venue rental can also cost more than the food, especially if they require you to use their list of preferred vendors.
  • Attire and jewelry - Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl attire, and tuxedos can add up very quickly. If you want special jewelry, be prepared for this part of the budget to explode.
  • Photography and videography - Capturing the special moments of the wedding is something most couples want. But, getting an experienced photographer and videographer will cost some money. Beware the lowest bidder. Wedding photography can range from $1,500 to $20,000 or more. On average, you will be able to find a good photographer for about 15-20% of your overall wedding budget.
  • Flowers - The bridal bouquet is only the beginning. There are corsages and boutonnieres too. You may want flowers in the venue as well as in the reception. The more you want, the more you pay.
  • Entertainment - The DJ and live band will definitely cost you more than Cousin Kevin with his MP3 player and assorted playlist.

Keeping these costs down can be a challenge, but, if you want to keep your wedding budget tight, you need to choose your priorities and cut out the things that aren’t as important to you.

Where to Put Your Wedding Savings

When you get married, all the bills come due the day you tie the knot. Having the funds you need for your wedding is much easier if you set aside the money before the wedding. Starting with the best savings account Las Vegas offers makes it even easier.

It seems a lot of couples use credit to finance the wedding of their dreams. Every dollar spent via credit is a dollar you have to pay interest on. That interest can add up if you don't pay it down quickly. A better alternative is to start a savings account as soon as you get engaged, making regular deposits from each paycheck so you have the cash to make deposits, secure the venue and book your dream photographer.

Open the Best Savings Account in Las Vegas Through CCCU

For the best savings account Las Vegas has to offer, contact the experts at Clark County Credit Union. They offer regular savings, club accounts, and certificates of deposit, all of which can help you save the money you need to have your dream wedding. Call 702-228-2228 to get started today.

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