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Avoid Fraud with the Best Checking Account in Las Vegas

You may have received an email from a phony-sounding company offering to “rescue” your computer from a catastrophic breakdown. All you have to do is send money “without delay.” The FBI classifies this practice as malware and it's a form of fraud.

You may know that uneasy, feeling in your gut when someone is watching over your shoulder as you swipe your credit or debit card and punch in your PIN number. The U.S. Department of Justice calls this practice “shoulder surfing,” and it's a potential form of fraud.

Or you may have received a chilling phone call from an “IRS special agent” who demands “immediate payment,” and if you don’t comply you will be thrown in jail. U.S. government agencies refer to this practice as an “IRS imposter scam,” and it, too, is a form of fraud. Remember, the IRS will only contact you through mailed communication.

The FBI chronicles 22 ways in which people use dishonest methods to take something valuable from another person – or commit fraud. With 84 percent of American adults working, buying products and conversing online, according to the Pew Research Center, thieves have followed the migration; online fraud represents at least half of all fraudulent activities.

It's enough to make your head swim – and reach for a financial life preserver. The people who offer the best checking account in Las Vegas, Clark County Credit Union, not only provide a free checking account but they also serve as your lifeguard by offering proactive advice and serving as a daily “firewall”, protecting your personal information.

Heed advice by experts who offer the best checking account in Las Vegas

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Fraudulent activity: phishing/spoofing/pharming, the practice of sending an email, claiming to be a legitimate business that seeks personal information such as credit card and bank account information and passwords after directing you to a website. The “lures” these “phishers” use range from a drastically discounted product to a “starving child” who will “die” if you do not send money for food. The site is fraudulent and seeks only to steal sensitive information.

Protect yourself by never submitting confidential information on forms embedded in unknown email messages; never clicking on links from an unknown sender that take you from an email to a website; and keeping your security software up-to-date. The best software can block phony websites and authenticate banking and shopping sites.

Fraudulent activity: ransomware can block you from accessing Windows, encrypt files so you cannot use them and stop certain apps (including your browser) – unless you pay a “ransom” (money) to regain control over your computer. (Some ransomware say “all” you have to do is complete a “simple survey,” which then asks you to divulge personal information.)

Protect yourself by keeping your antivirus software up-to-date; not clicking on attachments or emails from people or companies you don't know; and enabling the pop-up blocker to run in your web browser.

Fraudulent activity: telephone scams, which can run the scope of scare tactics to offers of “free” or “low-cost” vacation packages.

Protect yourself by not answering calls from numbers you do not recognize; hanging up on calls you do pick up and suspect of being fraudulent; and registering with the National Do Not Call Registry at 1-888-382-1222.

Protect Yourself with the Best Checking Account in Las Vegas

Register for scam alerts from the Federal Trade Commission at – and know the gatekeepers holding the best checking account in Las Vegas, Clark County Credit Union, maintain a vigilant watch over your account information every single day. Call 702-228-2228 to open an account today.

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