Five Things to Consider When Finding Healthcare Office Space

If you’re a medical professional who is planning to start your own practice, finding the best location is as important as branding and marketing the business. Your location will affect everything from your own daily commute to your patient’s overall satisfaction and growth.

In 2022, nearly 92% of 1,000 U.S. consumers responded that convenience is an important factor when choosing their primary care provider. Here are the five things to take into consideration when choosing healthcare office space:

1. Look beyond the area’s population size

A populated area is good for potential clients but if you’re just getting started it’s more advantageous to research the demographics of the area. This data can have a huge impact on your future marketing strategy and overall business operations.

2. Build business partnerships

Patient referrals are another great way to increase your client portfolio. And what better way to do this than by being close to laboratories, pharmacies and other medical specialists? This is also very convenient for your patients who need to see other medical specialists and vice versa.

Note: Before you decide on the location, make sure to research whether there are similar healthcare offices in the area that may compete with your business.

3. Understand the traffic patterns

Your healthcare office must be easily accessible for your patients in terms of traffic flow. A high-traffic area location is only good when there’s a decent amount of parking for each business. Make sure to also keep an eye on potential obstacles along the route that may be inconvenient.

4. Curb appeal goes a long way

The external appearance of your business is the first impression patients get when they arrive for an appointment. A clean and well-lit exterior will give a positive impression on the quality of your practice. The same rule applies inside, when your patients enter the building it should feel comfortable and inviting.

5. Accessible to patients with mobility impairments

Besides designating parking spots for your handicapped patients, it’s also crucial to choose a location that’s accessible to your patients with mobility impairments. Make sure your building has no physical barriers that would make it more difficult for your patients that are already struggling.

Starting a healthcare business is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in your medical career. As you start planning, it’s always good to carefully consider important factors that will affect your practice and your budget. Need help with equipment financing or solutions? Clark County Credit Union, the medical industry’s credit union, offers different business loan products to suit your business needs. Get in touch with our commercial team at 702-228-2228 or visit CCCULV.ORG for more information about commercial loans!