Back to School with Clark County Credit Union and Banzai

At Clark County Credit Union, we encourage students to create a strong foundation of healthy money habits from an early age. Some researchers have found that children can start to develop money habits as early as seven years old.

CCCU has partnered with Banzai, a free financial resource, to provide a wide array of financial topics and courses that will teach your kids the basics of handling money.

What is Banzai?

Banzai, available through the CCCU website, teaches users to understand the value of money and make informed financial decisions through free articles, calculators, digital coaches and simulation models that mirror real world financial scenarios.

Banzai Junior

This course is for students ages between 8 and 12. Throughout the course, they will get into the real action of managing their own lemonade stand. This will help them to think like a true business owner – plan their business expenses, save for their own personal goals, and more.

Banzai Junior also offers workbook and money worksheets to ensure your kids keep learning at the end of the course. These activities will concentrate on:

Banzai Teen

This course will walk teens through life’s different scenarios without the real-life consequences. This is a fantastic way to let your teenage kids experience financial choices and help them prepare for their college expenses.

In this course, they will learn how to juggle their school, part time job and their budget. Banzai Teen also offers worksheets that will heavily focus on:

Banzai Plus

This course will help adults gain confidence in some of life’s complex financial situations and topics like homebuying, debt payoffs, building credit and many more.

With Banzai Plus you get to practice spending and budgeting your money before you put it into practice in your real life. Enrich your knowledge by immersing yourself through each topic at your own pace:

This school year make it your goal to improve your financial literacy. With Banzai, you get to explore different life scenarios so you are prepared when the time comes to make both the big and little financial decisions. Visit our website to get started with your Banzai course.