Should Adults Get an Allowance Too?

Giving our children an allowance is a useful tool to teach them financial responsibility and the concept of budgeting. Having an allowance also teaches proper planning, assessing needs vs wants, and accountability. And who needs that more than adults?

Couples may argue over finances, especially how to spend discretionary funds. Money spent on personal hobbies, shopping and vacations can stress a relationship, especially if the couple has different priorities and interests.

If you want to save more and become more selective on where your money is spent, consider implementing a monthly allowance. According to, putting spending money aside as a separate allowance per person makes it possible for “a person to know exactly how much money is available so that they can plan purchases accordingly without guilt or unpleasant surprises.”

Other benefits to setting an allowance for adults include:

  • Increased awareness of where money is being spent, no more impulse buys – people will think twice before spending when funds are limited
  • No one is arguing about who spends more
  • Budgeting becomes simpler with a flat amount set aside for personal purchases
  • Spending less means saving more!

If an allowance system worked for you as a kid, or you have seen the benefits in your own children, consider bringing it back for you too! Other budgeting resources can be found on our free financial education website, Banzai.