The Top Five Ways to Save Money and Time When You Work from Home

Many of us are now in a work-from-home or hybrid work environment. With this change comes not only the opportunity to repurpose your commute time but chances to save money. Clark County Credit Union has five of the best ways to help you save in this new work environment:

1. Employer Reimbursements

Does your job require you to use a computer, the internet, have specific software, print items, or even take notes? If you’ve had to use any of your own money for these things, your employer can reimburse you for the expense or check with your accountant about a possible tax write off.

2. Natural Sunlight

If your typical work environment includes a cubicle, working from home in natural sunlight can help you save on energy bills while also enjoying the natural light. And, if the weather is right, take advantage of an outdoor space and soak up the Vitamin D!

3. Save on Dining Out

The rush to and from work can leave us drained and many of us often turn to fast food for dinner. This expense can add up quickly. While working from home, you will be given the opportunity to batch cook, throw items in the crockpot, or simply prepare items during your lunch break.

4. Work from a Less-Expensive Location

If you’re working remotely every day, a change of scenery may be an option to you. And what better way to save than to find someplace that will cost you less to live in addition to saving on the cost of groceries and gas.

5. Make “Commute Time” Productive

When you work from home, the time you normally spent commuting is now available to you – instead of driving or riding public transportation, you can now use that time to throw in that load of laundry or put away the dishes. You will notice you have less on your plate if you gradually complete small tasks throughout the day and work week, leaving you more time to enjoy your days off!