Top 5 General Auto Maintenance Tips in Las Vegas

The auto specialists at Clark County Credit Union know a lot about cars. From helping you decide how much of a car loan you can afford to arranging the best rates for your new or used auto loan. We want to help make driving an enjoyable experience.Keeping your vehicle in tip-top condition is the first rule of safe driving, but it doesn’t stop there. Here are some preventative auto maintenance tips from our team at Members Auto that will help keep your vehicle purring while saving you money in the long term.

1. Check and change the oil regularly

It’s the easiest thing you can do to increase the engine’s lifespan. Motor oil protects your car’s engine and other moving parts and helps absorb excess heat, a critical factor during those scorching hot Las Vegas summer days. Experts recommend having the oil and filter changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, but it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for your vehicle.

2. Inspect the tires

When you regularly check the pressure and tread on your car’s tires, you help reduce the risk of a flat or spin out. And since tires don’t wear out at the same rate, consider having yours rotated at the same time you have the car’s oil changed.

3. Check and replace air filters

If the air flowing to your engine’s combustion chambers is interrupted by a dirty filter, the engine can stall or sputter. For top performance, replace the air filter in your car about every two oil changes.

4. Check fluid levels

Besides oil, your car uses grease, brake fluid, windshield wash, and power steering fluid. Be sure to check them all regularly, so your car doesn’t fail at a critical time. Plus, many car warranties require it!

5. Check the brakes

Proper brake maintenance keeps you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road safe. Listen for telltale signs like scraping, rattling, and vibrating. They’re all signs it’s time to take the car in to your mechanic for a brake check.

Don’t delay on these or any other recommended maintenance tasks for your car. You’ll not only extend the life and value of your vehicle, but you’ll also get much more enjoyment out of it. And if you’re thinking of trading in your existing vehicle for a newer model, talk to us about our Members Auto Car Buying Service — we take trade-ins!