Tips for Planning Valentine's Day on a Budget

The month of love is a few weeks away, and there is no better time to start planning for a memorable and/or romantic Valentine's Day that doesn’t leave your account drained. The best way to do this is to create a budget.

Here are a few achievable ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day within your budget:

Go On a Picnic

If the weather is fine, you can picnic in a scenic location as an alternative to a restaurant. You only need to carry various food items such as crackers, fruits, sandwiches, and desserts and cap the entire event with a glass of sparkling white wine.

Plan a Movie Night at Home

If you and your partner prefer the indoors, you can organize a movie night in your home. There’s no better way to entertain yourselves on Valentine’s Day than watching a romantic movie with a happy, fairy-tale ending. Stream a couple of your favorite movies, prepare snacks and popcorn, and cuddle under the blanket in front of your movie screening.

Plan an Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor lovers will undoubtedly enjoy a day in the woods hiking, camping, backpacking, or going for nature trails. Ensure you switch off your phones to devote all your attention to your partner during your outdoor adventure.

Exchange Affordable Gifts

Diamond rings and gold bracelets are the ideal gifts for any celebration of love. However, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget in Las Vegas, you’ll have to look for affordable alternatives. You can give your partner a single rose instead of a bunch of flowers, or visit your local store for inexpensive gifts for Valentine’s. Remember to remain vigilant when using a credit card for your purchases to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Start Saving Now

Saving for a Valentine’s Day date can be accomplished with some advanced planning and budgeting. CCCU provides a free resource to help you build a budget that works for you. Another idea is to open a secondary savings account to help you separate your Valentine’s Day funds (or other holiday) from your regular spending money

Contact Clark County Credit Union to learn more about credit unions and how they can assist you in planning for a special Valentine’s Day on a budget in Las Vegas.