Your Guide to Halloween on a Budget

It’s officially fall y’all, and Halloween marks the beginning of the seasonal holiday shopping that amounts to billions of dollars in purchases across the U.S. Both adults and kids dress up each Halloween to enjoy the moment - neighborhood porches and lawns are festively decorated, and you’re likely to reach for more candy than usual during this time of the year. Fun is the bottom-line during Halloween but the expenses can really add up.

That said, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great time on Halloween. You can easily cut back on your budget for the upcoming holiday and still make it memorable. Instead of spending big on high-priced decorations like flying ghosts or motion-activated talking skeletons, you can get creative and still impress the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, even on a tight budget. Read on for your guide on saving money this Halloween.

Halloween Decoration Tips

1. Plan Early

To save money, the earlier you can start planning, the better your chances are for increased savings and money saving deals.

2. Choose a Décor Theme

Don’t be distracted by all the different styles and designs of Halloween décor. By starting with a theme, you’re less likely to impulse buy and overspend. Selecting a theme like ‘pumpkin patch’ or ‘graveyard ghosts’ helps give your home a more cohesive look while reducing the risk of overspending.

3. Shop at Home

Decorations you purchased for previous years might be reusable, so why not dig through last season’s purchases and see if you can find something that matches your theme? Be on the lookout for any items that might blend with your theme this year. For example, if you’re planning a ‘witches gathering’ theme for Halloween, a stuffed black cat in the children’s toy box will complement the spooky look.

4. Set a Budget

After choosing a theme and assessing your past seasonal decorations, now you can see what’s missing to make your Halloween look complete. How much are you ready to spend on decorating? Remember, you will likely need to buy candy and costumes as well... so budget accordingly.

5. Seek Out Deals

You can save by using coupons or shopping during sales. A great way to get coupons sent to you is by joining email lists for Halloween stores. Another way is to simply check the local ads for discount days and coupons. Following a Halloween retailer’s social media page is another way to seek out deals. And don’t forget to check-out local dollar general stores, everything from décor, to candy, to costumes can be found for a great value.

The DIY Experience

While the DIY route is a lot cheaper, it does require time and skills. Apart from the cost savings, DIY allows you to add a personal touch to your Halloween holiday, which can be more appealing. To complete the do-it-yourself projects, first assess your existing craft supplies and budget for any new supplies you might need.

1. Home-Made Costumes

The heaviest spending for Halloween goes to costumes. According to Forbes, Americans spend up to $2.6 billion dollars per year on adult and children’s costumes. With a needle and thread and some creativity, you can create a costume that will make this Halloween unforgettable. You can check out these designs for inspiration and begin the DIY project as soon as now. Creating your unique costumes not only saves you money but creates a bonding experience.

2. Inexpensive Treat Bags

The abundance of candy is another Halloween tradition. Save money on treat bags this year! Instead of opting for expensive Halloween bags, you can purchase the cloth/recycled bags that cost only $1. Plastic pumpkins are another great way to reduce expenses. View other inexpensive bag ideas here.

Another option would be to use grocery bags, add inexpensive Halloween stickers and it’s a festive treat collector!

3. Home Grown Pumpkins

If you are willing to start early in the early spring, growing Las Vegas-climate friendly pumpkin and squash for Halloween decorations can be eco-friendly and inexpensive. You will need some time to tend them, but the result is warm and inviting and a lot of fun for the family!

4. Selecting and Carving Pumpkins

Buying pumpkins from the grocery store or local farmers’ market in Las Vegas, and carving them yourself for classic jack-o-lanterns is also a great way to decorate on a tight budget. Carving patterns can easily be found online and printed for free.

With creativity and adequate planning you can throw a memorable Halloween celebration without breaking the bank. And as a DIYer, your home-made decor, treat bags, and costumes can significantly cut your Halloween expenses so that you can enjoy the holiday stress free!