What Does Winter Car Maintenance in Las Vegas Look Like?

Proper winter car maintenance in Las Vegas can help preserve your vehicle for a considerable time. CCCU’s Members Auto has the top five tips to help you keep your car in good condition throughout the Nevada winter season:

1. Switch to a Thin Engine Oil

At the onset of the winter season in Las Vegas, ensure that your car has a thinner, less viscous engine oil. For instance, the 5W-30 oil is recommended for your vehicle when temperatures drop. Thinner oil makes the car engine work optimally and efficiently in winter weather conditions in Las Vegas.

2. Consider a Routine Car Wash

Winter car maintenance entails a serious car wash routine. Water, dust and sand on the roads can cause damage to your car while driving in cold weather conditions. Get your car washed and polished using a fresh coat of wax just before the temperatures around Las Vegas start to drop.

3. Check the Battery

Wintery conditions can negatively impact your car’s battery performance. Before your car stalls during Las Vegas winter, ensure that its battery is filled correctly, or the antifreeze is changed. Check the terminals and cables for anything abnormal. Take your vehicle to a trusted battery retailer to conduct a complimentary assessment and expert analysis of your car’s battery.

4. Upgrade Your Car Engine Coolant

A more effective way to perform winter car maintenance in Las Vegas is to upgrade the engine coolant. You need to replace the older coolant with a new one to protect the engine against corrosion. A car coolant with ethyl glycol is highly recommended since it has antifreeze properties needed to keep the engine cool throughout.

5. Check the Tires for Added Safety

Driving during the winter requires your car tires to provide a good grip on the road surface. It is critical to check each tire to ensure the adequate tread is needed to keep the car stable when driving on slippery roads. Also, ensure that all tires are well inflated for optimum safety, handling, and fuel efficiency.


Take your time to winterize your car for comfort and safety. Winter car maintenance in Las Vegas is crucial for driving in wintery conditions and for maintaining the value of your vehicle. In the market for a new car this winter? CCCU can help with a new auto loan. Check out our car loan options.