7 Life Hacks for Getting More from Your Car

Everyone loves a good life hack – once you try one, they can make your life easier and often more productive. Our Members Auto team has compiled some of the top life hacks for anyone who drives; these are great for everyday knowledge or even random, lifesaving hacks. Read on to learn the top seven life hacks for your car!

  1. The Penny Trick
    A penny is more than legal tender! You can use a penny to determine whether your tire tread is safe or in need of repair. Simply turn your penny with Lincoln’s head upside-down and place it in the tread walls. If your tread covers part of his head, you’re in good shape. If the tread doesn’t touch Lincoln’s head, then your tires should be replaced as soon as possible.
  2. Free Yourself with Your Headrest
    Did you know that the bottom of your headrest, when pulled completely out, has metal spikes on the bottom? If you are ever stuck in your car and unable to get out by rolling down the window or opening the door, you can use the bottom of your headrest to break the glass. The best way to do this is to push it up into the gap at the bottom of the window and pry the window free.
  3. Extend the Distance of Your Key Fob
    The human body is amazing. Did you know that the fluids in your body can help to extend the wireless signals in your key fob? If you ever forget to lock your car immediately, or maybe can’t locate your car in a crowded parking lot, simply place the fob under your chin and hit the button a few times. You will be able to lock or signal the alarm, trust us, it works!
  4. Old Bumper Sticker Removal
    Do you have an old bumper sticker that doesn’t look as great as it used to, or maybe your interests have changed, and you don’t want to showcase it anymore? Here is the trick: dampen some newspaper and lay it over the sticker for about 15 minutes. This will loosen up the residue for you to wipe away. The remaining gunk can be gently scraped off with the side of a credit card.
  5. The Household Cleaning Compound
    This one has been around the internet for a while and is worth repeating. The compounds in toothpaste contain mild abrasives which can be used to remove the thin layer of grime on your headlights. Plus, it can help to fill in any tiny scratches. All you need is a clean rag with a little bit of toothpaste to start scrubbing your headlights.

The last two life hacks come in handy especially in our Southern Nevada heat.

  1. Cool Your Car Quicker
    We have all heard that heat rises, so when you are looking to cool down a hot vehicle remembering this statement will be helpful. To get the hot air out faster, open all your windows, close your top vents, then turn on the AC. The air blowing out will push all the hot air from the bottom out of your vehicle, allowing it to cool down quicker.
  2. Avoid Sweaty Seats
    Hot days can mean sweaty conditions inside your car. Avoid the affects of an overheated seat by investing in a couple of gel pads. By placing one on your seat, and one behind your back, you will create a more enjoyable drive that keeps you cool in the heat. This hack is worth the investment!

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