Reasons to Check Your Monthly Credit Card Statement from Your Las Vegas Credit Union

An astonishing 77 percent of Americans report they're distressed about their financial situation. If you're in this category, you might be tempted to chuck your credit card statements into the trash unopened. However, it's important to spend a little time each month looking over your statement for the following reasons.

  1. You'll Have a Better Idea of How Much You're Spending
    Most people tend to drastically underestimate how much money they spend. Instead of having a rough idea of your monthly expenditures, thoroughly reviewing your credit card statement from your Las Vegas credit union will enable you to determine where exactly you're spending the bulk of your budget. Once you know where your money is going, you'll be able to better redirect your money so it's helping you meet your financial goals.
  2. You Won't Continue to Pay for Subscriptions You Don't Use
    Minimize the length of time you pay for unneeded reoccurring charges by reviewing your statement each month for these items. If you spot something you don't use anymore, take a few minutes to cancel it.
  3. You'll Catch Costly Overcharges
    Merchants aren't perfect, and it's possible they may overcharge you or even charge your card twice. If you don't examine your statements, you may not notice you were charged twice for a meal or activity. Should a merchant refuse to fix their error, your Las Vegas credit union can help.
  4. You Can Identify Any Posting Errors for Your Payments
    It's possible for your banking institution to accidentally post your payment late, even when you made your payment on time. Or, your bank may offer an introductory rate it neglected to apply to your purchases. Regardless of the error, you can't get it corrected if you don't detect it by reviewing your credit card statements.
  5. You Have a Better Chance of Spotting Identify Theft
    Stop identity theft as early as possible by being vigilant about reviewing your credit card statements. Criminals count on the fact many individuals don't closely look at their credit card statements and won’t notice fraudulent purchases. It's common for a thief to put a small charge through to see if the cardholder notices. If the cardholder doesn't, the criminal will try a larger transaction to steal more money.

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