5 Benefits of Used Car Shopping with a MABS Auto Broker

The car buying process can be daunting. Not only do you have to secure funding, but you need to research a vehicle that will meet your needs and negotiate pricing. This can be very time consuming. A recent study found that the average person takes 14 hours to buy a car! Using an auto broker can significantly reduce the time spent shopping. Here are five reasons to consider using an auto broker for your next used car purchase:

No-haggle Pricing

By hiring a professional you can save hundreds if not thousands by avoiding dealership mark-ups. You can view the MABS inventory online, or request a specific vehicle with their car finder.

Hire a Professional Negotiator

It can be confusing navigating through financing, fees, add-ons, and taxes that you encounter at a dealership. With a professional auto broker, they will bargain and negotiate for you. They have experience and know how much can be charged based on how long a vehicle has sat on a lot, how in demand the vehicle is, and what other dealers are charging.

They are Car Experts

In addition to professionally negotiating, they are also experienced with a wide variety of vehicle makes, models, and performance history. They deal with new, used, foreign and domestic vehicles.

Save Time

As mentioned above the car buying process can be time consuming, and if you have a vehicle to trade in that can further extend the process. A perk of using MABS is that they will accept your trade-in while they assist with finding your new vehicle.

Get your loan with a trusted partner

When you use a MABS professional, you can enjoy the benefits CCCU members receive. You do not have to be a CCCU member, but you are eligible for member perks. This includes an extra 0.50% rate discount, savings on GAP coverage, extended warranty, and credit life debt cancellation. Applying for financing is easy and can be done before the car shopping experience or at the same time.

Buy a Used Car with Help from CCCU

The used car buying process does not have to be stressful. For a fast and easy process, we suggest creating a list of features that are important to you and consider using a MABS auto broker for your next auto shopping experience. To reach a professional auto broker visit a Clark County Credit Union location, give them a call at 702-939-3115, or visit them at www.membersauto.com.