Savings Account Benefits to Help You Build & Maintain an Emergency Fund

When life hits you with unexpected expenses, an emergency fund ensures you're financially prepared. Below are a few tips to follow to help you build and maintain your emergency fund. Understanding the top savings account benefits will also help you select the right bank account to house your savings.

1. Create a Budget

If your emergency fund is a little low or non-existent, creating a budget is one of the first things you need to do to get it where it needs to be. A budget will help you make regular contributions to your emergency fund. Not only do you need to make a budget, but you need to stick to your budget. Review your spending each week to see that it's in line with your budgeted amounts.
Start by listing out all your monthly expenses and your income sources. Then, see if there are any expenses you can reduce or eliminate entirely. For example, you might downgrade your cable package or cancel that gym membership you never use. See that you add this money to your emergency fund.

2. Learn About Savings Account Benefits for Your Emergency Fund

Your emergency fund needs its own separate account; separating the money makes it less likely that you'll tap the money for a non-emergency. While you have a slew of options for your emergency fund, one alternative is a savings account.

There are multiple savings account benefits that make it a top choice for your emergency fund. One of the savings account benefits is that you'll earn interest on your money. These interest payments will help you increase the money in your emergency fund and preserve your purchasing power.

Savings account benefits also include the convenience that's enjoyed by credit union members. You can easily transfer money to your savings account from your checking account.

3. Brainstorm Ways to Boost Your Emergency Fund

If it feels like it will take forever to save up an emergency fund, brainstorm some options to add more money to your account. You might pick up a side hustle, like driving a rideshare vehicle or dog walking.

Or, if you get cash gifts or a bonus at work, save these amounts instead of spending them. Your savings account benefits will make it possible for you to quickly deposit these funds before they turn into spending money.

4. Automate Your Contributions

Additional savings account benefits make it simple for you to build your emergency fund. Instead of having to remember to transfer money each paycheck, set up a reoccurring contribution that automatically deposits money into your savings account when you get paid.

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