The Pros and Cons of Buying a Previous Rental Car

Most of us have experienced the car buying experience, and many of us have heard a lot of stories about purchasing a vehicle that was previously a rental. The most common response is that rental cars are abused regularly, and a bad investment. But is this information accurate? Here are the pros and cons of buying a previous rental car.

The Pros of a Rental Car

  • Rental companies are responsible for providing safe vehicles; therefore, they are very well maintained, and service is regularly scheduled.
  • When being serviced, the company will either have their own shop or a dealership they partner with complete the inspections. This ensures they are receiving strict maintenance guidelines from expert mechanics.
  • Because rental cars are usually no older than 1 or 2 years, the manufacturer warranty is still in effect. And options for extended warranties are available.
  • Large companies have websites with fixed pricing, and a variety of financing options.

The Cons of a Rental Car

  • The inventory is usually limited on options. So, getting a vehicle with luxury options or advanced safety equipment will be hard.
  • Rental vehicles must adapt to many driving styles, which can cause wear on various parts.
  • Depending on the driver, they may take less than excellent care of the vehicle resulting in more bumps or scrapes on the exterior or stains on the interior.

A rental vehicle can be a great investment if adequate research is done on the seller, as well as the vehicle’s history. With Members Auto you can be assured that research was done to find the perfect cars for members. Because they are a linked with Clark County Credit Union vehicles can be viewed at a branch or online. You don’t have to step inside a dealership!

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