A Pre-approved Credit Union Car Loan Makes Car-buying Easy

Walking into a car dealership opens the door for the salesman to make his sales pitch. More than likely, he will try to show you something you may not want because it's “close to your price range.” Instead of going into the dealership without a game plan, get pre-approved for your auto loan before you even start looking for the car of your dreams.

Pre-Approved Credit Union Car Loan Is Basically Cash-in-Hand

One of the first things a salesman will want to know is what type of payment you are willing to commit to. In most cases, they are expecting to be the one to run your numbers for you. When you go to the dealership with a pre-approved credit union car loan offer, you are able to call the shots from the start. Pre-approval gives you the benefit of cash-in-hand. You already know what you can afford and what the payments will be.

Less Negotiation and More Action

Another benefit of having a pre-approved credit union car loan is it minimizes the amount of negotiation. You already know all of the financial information; all you need to do is pick out the car that matches your criteria. Less time spent negotiating means more time spent shopping for the perfect car.

Avoid Upsells and Get the Best Possible Rate

Since you will already have all of your financial information in place, it will be easier to turn down all of the extras that the dealership tries to sell you. Plus, you are going to be getting the best possible interest rate, which means a lower payment and a much better deal when you drive the car off the lot. Already knowing what you have to spend and what your payments will be is a great way to keep the discussion on the car and not what the dealership has to sell you.

Get Your Credit Union Car Loan Today!

Before heading to the car lot, visit Clark County Credit Union and get pre-approved for your auto loan. Walk into the dealership with confidence, knowing you hold all the cards and you will be able to drive away with the car you want and a payment you can afford. Contact us today at 702-228-2228 to discuss your credit union car loan options.