Introducing… Banzai!

Banzai, an award-winning financial literacy program designed to teach individuals what real-world finance is really like, is now available through Clark County Credit Union! What is Banzai? We’re glad you asked.

Online Financial Wellness

CCCU is always striving to offer our members resources for better financial education, literacy and outreach. Banzai is a web-based financial literacy program designed to teach individuals of all ages in a fun, safe way what personal financial responsibility is all about. This program is a great way for members to learn how to make smarter financial decisions.

Along with hundreds of other credit unions around the country that care about teaching their members to be financially responsible, we’re offering three age-appropriate courses:

  • Banzai Junior for ages 8 – 12 teaches kids about earning money, budgeting and enjoying the money they make while still meeting their needs, limiting spending to help them reach financial goals, and how borrowing can be useful but also disrupt their savings plans. By the end of the course, they learn that in finance, there are always tradeoffs, and they often must choose between more than one good choice.
  • Banzai Teen is for 13 – 18-year-olds who are transitioning into more mature money matters. Credit cards are demystified and explained, they discover how housing has a serious impact on their budget and how truly expensive driving can be by learning about car loans and other related costs. Insurance and taxes round out the course, with comprehensive instruction on things like gross income, net income and FICA.
  • Banzai Plus is tailored to adults. There’s always something new to be learned in the world of finance and this course teaches you about the real cost of buying a home, the ins and outs of insurance, credit scores, taxes, and identity theft.

Banzai puts the emphasis on practical skills over technical knowledge. Known as “learning by doing,” the program focuses on healthy spending habits and planning ahead. Worried about how long it will take? Banzai is flexible. Though the course only takes about an hour to complete, you or your child can pause it at any time and return when you’re ready. There’s also an online library with in-depth articles and helpful financial calculators.

Best of all, Banzai is completely free to our members. No strings, no catch. CCCU sponsors the program.

Financial literacy improvements can have a profound effect on individuals and the community alike. Learning to avoid common financial pitfalls while planning for a secure future is something everyone benefits from. We live in an ever-changing financial world driven by technology and it’s important for members and their families to understand new financial fundamentals.

Ready to get started? To learn more about Banzai and CCCU’s other financial resources, contact us today at 702-228-2228.