How Getting a Credit Union Car Loan Through CCCU Works

Need a new or used vehicle? With so many dealerships out there, you may be wondering how you can land the perfect deal. We know what drivers are looking for in vehicle financing: low rates, flexible repayment terms and quick decisions to help with planning. That is why Clark County Credit Union is your best option for obtaining a credit union car loan.

Understanding Clark County Credit Union Car Loans

As opposed to traditional dealerships or financial institutions, CCCU is a trusted community lender that considers the needs of its members. Therefore, you can feel confident in knowing your loans are tailored to suit your financial situation and the type of vehicle you’re looking for.

We work with various auto dealership partners to provide both new and used options for our customers. More specifically, we're part of a state-licensed automobile dealership and brokerage program. This means that when you purchase through us, we can get your car delivered to one of our branches in as little as an hour. Regardless of the make or model you choose, we have the capacity to help you drive off in your dream car in no time.

CCCU car loans are useful for both first-time and experienced buyers. Our representatives can pre-approve you for an auto loan even if you've never been financed before or you're looking for low introductory rates.

Why Get a Car Loan Through Us?

With so many financing options in the market, why should you get a car loan through CCCU? Our customers enjoy these perks when they purchase a vehicle using CCCU's auto service and brokerage:

Low Rates

Our financing is available with favorable rates and excellent flexibility. This means, you'll have many options to choose from when selecting a monthly payment amount, repayment period and vehicle. If you are tired of paying high-interest rates and fees on your vehicle, consider getting an auto loan through CCCU.

Pre-approval Options

Our financing saves you time and money with a pre-approval. Even before you begin car shopping, one of our representatives will help you determine the loan amount, rates and payback period you qualify for.

With this information handy, you'll be able to make better decisions that suit your financial situation. Our expansive inventory also gives you more options when looking for a specific type of vehicle.

Fast Decisions to Help You Plan

When you apply for an auto loan through CCCU, we'll give you a quick and timely decision. No need to wait for days or even weeks just to find out which vehicle you can afford. Whether you've never financed before, are looking for a low down payment or don't want pre-payment penalties, CCCU's auto loans are a great choice.

We also offer high trade-in value for your current vehicle. This means you can upgrade to a newer model, get a more favorable financing package or simply get rid of a troublesome car by trading it in for a new one.

Clark County Credit Union car loans are among the most competitive in Las Vegas and Henderson. Are you ready to drive off in style? Contact us at 702-228-2228 today.