Conserve More Gas with These Simple Tips

Let’s face it — of all the weekly purchases we make, buying gas for our vehicles is certainly one of the toughest. We fill up our tanks, and before we know it, we’re running on empty again. To help you maximize the fuel economy of your vehicle, here is a list of quick tips for saving on gas:

Limit Your Driving

Of course, the easiest way to save gas money is to simply not use your gas. Finding an alternative transportation option could help reduce your weekly fuel expenses. If your work location, favorite restaurant or shopping centers are within close proximity to your home, take the opportunity to walk or bike to those places. You’ll get exercise while saving money.

Maintain Your Vehicle

You should always try to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. Everything, from regular oil changes and tune-ups to checking your tire pressure and replacing your air filters, impacts your gas mileage. Take care of your car, and it’ll take care of your fuel economy.

Download a Gas Pricing App

One of the benefits of increasingly advancing technology is the rise of specific apps that solve many of our problems. There are many applications, including GasBuddy and AAA Triptik, that will help you find the current, cheapest gas prices in your area. Though these prices may still fluctuate, you can easily research who has the best price before you’re on empty.

Fill Up Strategically

Did you know gas stations will typically raise their prices during certain times? Weekends and holidays provide prime opportunities for gas stations to take advantage of travelers by raising their prices. Many pumps will even increase their rate per gallon after 10 AM on weekdays, too! Be strategic about when you fill up, and you might save a few dollars.

Practice Better Driving Habits

The way you drive can also impact your fuel economy. Research faster routes for your commute. Even if the drive is longer in distance, less traffic may help you save gas. You can also drive smoothly, accelerate slower and brake easier to cut down on wasting excess gasoline.

Limit Your AC

While you will need to cool your car while you drive, keep in mind the air conditioner will continue to utilize fuel even when you’re parked. Make sure you don’t idle for too long with the engine running. Try shutting the car off and opening your windows, parking in the shade or going inside to wait if you’re picking someone up.

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