Essential Checking Account Features for Busy Families

Does it seem like your family is busy nearly every moment of the day? If you’re like most parents, you hardly get a chance to sit down and take a breath until long after the sun has set. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not your bank is preventing you from tending to your finances conveniently and affordably. If you don’t have some essential checking account features for busy families, you may be banking with the wrong institution.

Must-have Checking Account Features for Easy Banking

Mobile Banking

Having access to the internet wherever we go is one of the reasons why we never leave home without our smartphones. Busy families need mobile banking access so they can instantly transfer money or check their balance when needed. More specifically, they require a mobile app that provides access to their account information after hours, without having to dial a customer service line.

Online Banking

Of course, there are many of us who prefer to manage our finances on the computer as opposed to a smartphone. A great credit union will have an easy-to-use website that enables families to access detailed information regarding their accounts. This website will also have helpful resources that will provide answers to any account-related questions 24/7.

Overdraft Protection

A thoughtful credit union will provide overdraft protection for checking accounts in the event that your family makes an oversight. These protective measures may pull money directly from another account as well to ensure the checking account cannot be sent into the negatives.

Automatic Saving Options

With so much to do each day, it may be hard for a busy family to set aside savings as regularly as they’d like to. Many credit unions have checking accounts that have optional “keep the change” saving plans. These plans will round up your transaction to the nearest dollar and place the difference in your savings account.

No Fees

Families trust credit unions to keep their finances in good hands, which is why the best accounts do not tack on fees for use. Monthly service fees, yearly account maintenance fees and ATM access fees can add up to hundreds of dollars each year. A reliable credit union will help families control their balance by offering no-fee account options.

Bonuses for Banking

A checking account is the primary holding account of most busy families’ finances. With so much money going in and out of this account, it only makes sense that these account holders receive incentives, bonuses and rewards for banking with a specific institution. Dynamic credit unions will offer rewards, similar to those you can earn via credit cards, just by using your checking account normally. CCCU pays a Bonus Dividend to our member/owners annually.

At Clark County Credit Union, we’re pleased to offer a variety of checking account options to fit your unique needs. Many of our accounts feature online banking and bill pay, mobile banking, remote check deposits, and no monthly fees. Contact us today at 702-228-2228 to learn more!