Getting an Auto Loan in Las Vegas with Not-So-Great Credit

If you’re thinking about buying a car, you may be wondering if finding an auto loan in Las Vegas is possible with not-so-great credit. Although poor credit can limit your financing options, credit unions often work with consumers to find solutions and help them secure financing. These car-buying tips can help you find the right financing available for you without breaking the bank:

Save Up a Large Down Payment

Even if money is tight, there are ways to put a few dollars away in a savings account every month. Make yourself a budget and stick to it, consider getting a second job , sell unwanted items or have a portion of your paycheck deposited directly into your savings account each pay period. When you’re tempted to go out for a fancy dinner or give in to an impulse buy, think about your financial goals and priorities. Before you know it, you’ll have a decent down payment saved up. It can be challenging to save, but it’s definitely worth it – you’ll have lower car payments and pay less interest on your auto loan.

Buy a Car That Fits Your Budget and Needs

Take a look at your monthly budget to determine just how much of a car payment you can afford. It’s easy to get stars in your eyes when looking at the next best luxury car, but it’s important to be realistic. In the end, buying a reliable used car that meets your needs is much less stressful than struggling to cover a high auto loan payment each month. Do some research online, come up with a price range and only look at vehicles that fit within your budget and fit your practical needs. If a salesperson at a dealership tries to pressure you into looking at vehicles out of your price range, walk away. There’s no need to give in to high-pressure sales tactics when you can buy and finance a car with the assistance of an auto loan specialist at CCCU.

Take Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

Plan ahead and try to improve your credit score before you apply for a loan. Making sure your bills are paid on time and paying down credit cards for three to six months can give your score a boost. If you need to find a car quickly, shop around for a loan. Dealerships often partner with lenders who charge exorbitant amounts of interest to consumers with poor credit looking for auto loans in Las Vegas.

Get an Auto Loan in Las Vegas from Clark County Credit Union

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