Benefits of CheckFree™ Bill Payer

Let’s face it, writing a check and mailing it to pay bills takes a lot of time and effort, and it’s easy to end up with late payments if you forget when something is due. CheckFree™ Bill Payer from Clark County Credit Union allows you to log on to your computer or mobile device and pay all your bills in just a few minutes.

Use Your Time Wisely With CheckFree™ Bill Payer

If you have a CCCU checking account, it’s easier than ever to pay your bills online. Getting started is simple, and you won’t have to deal with writing checks, buying stamps or making trips to the post office to mail your bills.

You can set up one-time or recurring payments for the bills, dates and amounts you choose. Using the eBills feature allows you to go completely paperless and get your bills online. You can even send checks to people using CheckFree™ Bill Payer.

Advantages of Paying Bills Online

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Security — Sending paper checks through the mail gives anyone the opportunity to steal your bank account information. Paying your bills online mitigates this risk.

Cost Savings — When you forget to pay a bill or mail gets lost, you may incur late fees and credit problems even though you tried to pay your bill on time. With CheckFree™ Bill Payer, you can avoid late payments and fees by setting up automatic payments. No more paying for postage, either.

Flexibility and Fast Payment — Say you’re on vacation and forgot to send your auto loan payment before you embarked on your trip. Using CheckFree™ Bill Payer can allow you to make an electronic payment that posts in as little as one business day.

An Easier Way to Track Spending — Having your bill payment history saved online means you don’t have to record payments in your checkbook anymore. Not only that, it makes budgeting a lot easier since the information you need is at your fingertips 24/7. If a payee says they didn’t receive your payment, all you have to do is look online to see if payment has posted.

Greener and Cleaner — No more piles of paper or filing cabinets packed full of old bills. Receiving bills electronically reduces paper usage and cuts down on waste, which is good for the environment.

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Simplify your life with CheckFree™ Bill Payer. To gain access to this tool, simply open a checking account with Clark County Credit Union. Contact us today at 702-228-2228 to get started.