Clark County Credit Union Gives Members a Piece of a $3.5 Million-Dollar Pie

Clark County Credit Union (CCCU) is known for its attractive interest rates, variety products, multiple resources, and attentive service. When CCCU has a profitable year, we pass the wealth on to each of our members by issuing an annual bonus dividend. Over the past 19 years, the total bonus amount has exceeded $63 million.

For the 2018 banking year, the annual CCCU bonus came to approximately $3.5 million. The amount of your personal bonus depends on your relationship with CCCU. We take into account the average daily balances for your deposit accounts and the amount of any outstanding loans, including auto loans and new construction loans. All of our members received the bonus as an electronic deposit to their accounts.

CCCU celebrated the occasion by declaring January 25th Dividend Day. Members were invited to one of the six branches around Las Vegas to enjoy delicious mini pies, snap a photo with a $3.5 million novelty check and inquire about the amount of their personal bonus. If you didn't make it to Dividend Day, you can view the amount of your bonus by checking your online banking statement.

At minimum, members received $20, but the average dividend came to $80.73. However, for members who have comprehensive banking relationships with CCCU (multiple loans, a checking account and other deposit accounts), payouts exceeded hundreds of dollars. Many members received payouts of $500 or more.

There are no restrictions that specify how you must use your annual bonus. You're free to use the funds to save for a rainy day or you can withdrawal the bonus and use it to help pay for your everyday expenses. Whether you have a home renovation to pay for, need to pay a few bills or want to plan a vacation, your CCCU bonus is there to help you reach your goals.

To find out how you can become a CCCU member/owner and get your piece of the pie on next year’s Dividend Day, contact us today at 702-228-2228.