Tips for Safe Mobile Banking Through Clark County Credit Union

Technology has made banking more convenient than ever, but there are those who hesitate to use mobile banking due to security and safety concerns. Clark County Credit Union offers safe, secure mobile banking services that allow you to use a computer, cell phone or tablet to access your accounts 24/7.

Is Mobile Banking Safe?

Multifactor authentication, frequent software updates and other digital security measures help financial institutions keep consumers' information safe. However, it's important to do your part to keep your personal and financial information protected. Using CCCU's SnapCheck™ Mobile Check Deposit is just as safe as visiting your credit union to make a deposit.

Don't Log in to Mobile Banking on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Most mobile devices enable you to connect to public networks. Although you may think checking your balance or transferring funds from your savings account to your checking account while using your coffee shop's free Wi-Fi is no big deal, it can also leave your information vulnerable. Public connections aren't secure — that's why most establishments warn users not to access sensitive information over their network. If you do need to check something via mobile banking while you're in public, make sure you're disconnected from Wi-Fi, and use your cellular network instead.

Use Multifactor Authentication

Most online and mobile banking apps allow you to set up multifactor authentication or a security token to add an extra layer of protection. This means you must answer questions or make sure a specific image you've chosen shows up every time you log in.

Avoid Saving Passwords

Storing passwords is never a good idea, whether you're using a computer or mobile device. Although storing passwords makes accessing an app faster, it also makes it easier for anyone who gets ahold of your device to access your accounts. Make sure to always log out when you're done using your mobile banking app as well.

Protect Your Mobile Device

Using the PIN or fingerprint feature to lock your mobile device can make it virtually impossible for anyone else to access your banking app and other sensitive information. If your banking app, device manufacturer or mobile carrier alerts you to update, don't ignore it. Failing to update your device's software can leave big holes in its security features.

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