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3 Reasons to Shop Members Auto for Your Used Car in Las Vegas

There are plenty of used cars for sale in Las Vegas, so how do you know where to go to ensure you get a great deal and a reliable vehicle? Traditional car lots can feel intimidating, and may leave you with a sinking feeling that you’re being taken advantage of.

If you are shopping for used cars for sale in Las Vegas, consider the dealership backed by one of the trusted financial institutions in Clark County. Members Auto, a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit Clark County Credit Union (CCCU), is ready to show you a new way to buy new or gently used vehicles.

What to Expect When Buying a Used Car in Las Vegas from Members Auto

Used Car

Here are a few benefits you should expect to experience when you visit our car lot:

  1. Inventory.

    At Members Auto, you have several different vehicles to choose from with the existing inventory of inspected pre-owned vehicles. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, your Members Auto representative can help find the right vehicle for you. (That includes new car purchases too!)

    Whether you’re looking for a sporty convertible, a family-friendly van, or something in between, Members Auto can help.

    The Members Auto website gives you the ability to search and sort by make, model, year, price and/or mileage. Finding the right used cars for sale in Las Vegas couldn't be easier!

  2. Fair Pricing.

    The carefully selected vehicles available for sale at Members Auto are set at fair prices. Since Members Auto is a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit credit union, CCCU, you can feel comfortable with the pricing. Exceptional relationships with local and out-of-state dealerships allow representatives to purchase great cars at fair prices, and the savings are passed along to the customers who shop at Members Auto.

  3. Hassle-Free, No-Haggle Buying Process.

    It doesn't matter if you know exactly what you want and what you're willing to pay, or if you’re undecided on the type of car you want. The friendly representatives at Members Auto don't rely on high-pressure tactics to seal the deal; they rely on their ability to find the right car to fit your needs. They’ll ask the right questions and listen to your answers to gauge what’s important to you.

    Members Auto is a different kind of dealership. There is no traditional car lot where sales people circle like vultures. And there is no need to put your game-face on; everyone is here to help you. In fact, you’ll meet your Members Auto representative either over the phone, or in an air-conditioned office. With that kind of personal touch, combined with haggle-free pricing, you know you're getting the deal of a lifetime.

Not every dealership in the city is backed by a financial institution known for exceptional customer service and trusted with handling every aspect of its clients' financial business. Members Auto is proud to be part of Clark County Credit Union. Apply for your auto loan on a used car in Las Vegas to further simplify your purchase today!

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