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Meet Our Home Loan Team in Las Vegas

At Clark County Credit Union, our experienced and licensed mortgage team is ready to help you find the loan you need. Our licensed mortgage agents are available to answer your questions, help you apply for a mortgage, and compare offers from lenders. Check out our Member Reviews!

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All of our CCCU mortgage team members are licensed and experienced. They’re familiar with the nuances between FHA, VA and Conventional loans, and can explain the difference between fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages in easy-to-understand terms. They also assist homeowners with refinancing. If you aren’t sure which type of mortgage is right for you, our team will work with you determine what makes the most sense based on your financial goals.

No matter your question or type of loan, our mortgage team is ready to help. We’ve assisted many first-time homebuyers and homeowners in the Las Vegas area, and we’re here for you.

Pat Johnson

Patricia Johnson

(702) 939-3015 Office
(702) 932-3023 Fax
Nevada MLD License #47791
NMLS #369667

Terri Kight

Terri Kight

(702) 939-3131 Office/Fax
Nevada MLD License #47813
NMLS #371863

Melynda Montano

Melynda Montano

Home Equity Specialist

(702) 939-3055 Office
(702) 932-3012 Fax
Nevada MLD License #56833
NMLS #963600

Jennifer B Bernier

Jennifer B. Bernier

Home Equity Specialist

(702) 939-3104 Office
(702) 939-3176 Fax
Nevada MLD License #47812
NMLS #319262

Dawn Young

Dawn Young

(702) 939-3161 Office
(702) 939-3171 Fax
Nevada MLD License #52536
NMLS #1018023

Charles Woodard

Charles Woodard

(702) 939-3074 Office
(702) 932-3012 Fax
Nevada MLD License #59070
NMLS #1512921

Lazaro Fernandez

Lazaro Fernandez

(702) 939-3229 Office
(702) 932-3012
Nevada MLD License #49523
NMLS #780044

Mo Nemati

Mo Nemati


(702) 939-3129 Office
(702) 939-3171 Fax
Nevada MLD License #20829
NMLS #878717

Please Note: Some first mortgage loans provided by CCCU are not serviced by CCCU and are therefore not included in determining membership level or qualification for the bonus dividend program. For more information, please ask a representative.

Clark County Credit Union NMLS Registry #371854

Member Reviews

"Loan officer Pat is very nice, knowledgeable, accommodating and will tell what will benefit you as a client." - Imelda

"We have been with the credit union for years and love them. Terri is amazing!" - Kari

"Dawn my loan officer - was so very pleasant, patient to explain the whole loan process. She answered all my questions and put my mind set at ease, she is very thorough, friendly. Just the best!" - Paula

"Over all everything, everyone is so helpful, friendly. Lazaro was exceptional, helping with me with this loan. Thank you, Lazarao!" - Shannon

"Office staff is friendly. Good communication with loan officer. Able to get us a great loan percent." - Peter

"Great customer service, very knowledgeable and very involved. Would recommend." - Jeffrey

"Communication was great throughout process. Emails, phonecalls, and questions were answered in a timely manner. Therefore, it was a smooth-stress free refinacne of our home. Thank you!" - Christopher

"Easy process and I love my yearly dividends!!! Thank you Pat and the team!" - Joy

"Highly knowledgeable about all documents, quikc closing. Very smooth with no problems." - Margo



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