Thank you for being a member/owner of Clark County Credit Union. We have recently completed one of the most time-intensive and important processes a financial institution can undergo - a data-processing system conversion. We want to thank you for your patience throughout the process. If you have any questions, please check the FAQs below for more information.

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A lot has changed since Clark County Credit Union began in 1951. Gone are the days of rotary phones and check guarantees. Computers and debit cards are now old news as mobile banking, biometrics and cryptocurrency lead the headlines in today's banking publications. With all of the technological advancements, we need to make sure our core systems are ready for the future so we can provide you, our member, with the most secure and up-to-date products and services. In order to meet these changes, our core system has gotten an upgrade. This page will help with any questions you might have with online banking or any other products that we offer. If you have questions that aren't answered below please do not hesitate to give us a call at 702-228-2228, option 3. We also would like to thank you for your patience and membership with Clark County Credit Union.

FAQs About Online Banking


Q: Why am I seeing so many accounts?


A: Now everyone has their own personal user ID for online banking. The user ID will display all accounts you are primary or joint owner on. 

Q: Can the joint owner see all of my accounts?


A: No, when the joint owner registers to use online banking with their own user ID they will only see the accounts they are on. 

Q: There are so many accounts showing and I don't know what they are. 


A: You can nickname your accounts to make it easier to distinguish them. This will also help employees as they will be able to see the nicknames as well. To set the nickname go to your online banking session. Click on Settings in the top right corner, then click on Accounts and select the account you would like to nickname. 

Q: I don't want to see all of my accounts, can I remove them from my online banking and mobile app? 


A: Yes, you can hide the accounts for online banking and for the mobile app. To hide them in online banking log into your account online. Go to the settings on the top right. Click on Accounts and then click on the account you would like to hide. Check the box for Hide Accounts and then click on Save. To hide them in the mobile app log into your account online. Go to Mobile on the top right. Click on the My Accounts Tab. Uncheck the boxes for the accounts you do not want to see in the mobile app and click on Update Accounts. 

Q: Why can't I see my VISA credit card online?


A: If you are the joint owner of the credit card, you are now able to see to the credit card on your online banking.

Q: Why am I not able to see my due date and amount due on my VISA credit card?


A: Unfortunately, this information is not available via online banking. 

Q: Why do I not see the payment/advance to my VISA credit card? The funds already posted to my deposit account.


A: When you transfer a payment to your credit card or advance funds from your credit card the funds will debit or credit your checking/savings account immediately. The payment or advance will not post immediately, it may take up until the next business day to post to the VISA credit card. 

Q: Why can't I see all of my statements?


A: Currently, you are only able to see your statements for your primary member number. We are working on adding the additional statements into your online banking. Going forward all of the accounts you are the primary owner on will be combined into a single statement. 

Q: Why is my loan not on the monthly statement?


A: You will now be receiving a separate monthly loan bill for each individual loan.

Q: How do I enroll in estatements?


A: Log into your account online. Click on one of your accounts. Click on Online Statements. You will get a pop-up, click on Continue and follow the prompts. 

Please contact us with any questions about the new enhancements. Click here for some helpful videos about Online Banking. 


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