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Why Having a Winter Wedding Puts Less Strain on Your New Checking Account

Budget conscious couples - Forget the tradition of spring or summer weddings and consider a wedding later in the year to save money. There are a lot of advantages to planning a winter wedding but the main one is that a winter wedding will put a lot less burden on the new checking account you and your spouse create to fund your new lives together.

In fact, there's still time to plan for a winter wedding. If you were thinking of waiting for spring, here are a few reasons to speed up your nuptials.

4 Great Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

1. Better Venue Availability 

Popular venues are always most popular in the spring and summer. On the other hand, in months like December and January, they're often struggling to find enough renters. It'll be easier for you to find a great setting for your wedding, and chances are, you'll get lower rates, too. Relatedly, this will also be true for travel, accommodations, entertainment, and anything else you would need to hire/rent for the event. Winter is the off-season for all those professions.

2. No Wedding Fatigue Among Your Guests

With so many weddings happening in the spring and summer, many guests can become downright burned out on ceremonies by July or August. Holding a winter wedding can get around this. In fact, with few ceremonies of any sort happening in winter, you could easily put on an event that's the highlight of the season.

3. Free Decorations

If you aim for a date in the vicinity of Christmas or New Years, most venues will already be decorated for the season. That's less work for you, and less stress on your new checking account!  

4. It's Different!

You want your wedding to be special and unique, right? Year-end weddings are rare enough that simply having a wintery wedding at all will make it one of the most memorable events of the year. You're also virtually guaranteed to get highly unique pictures and video.

Get Your New Life Off to a Great Start With a New Checking Account

Clark County Credit Union is dedicated to helping everyday people save time and money, and we've been doing it since 1951! Remember, at a credit union, you aren't simply a "customer" like at the big banks – you're a member and an owner. To learn more about how to open a new checking accountcontact us today at 702-228-2228.

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