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Using a Las Vegas Savings Account and 5 Other Tips to Reset Your Financial Goals for the Year

If life in 2017 has gotten in the way of your financial plans, use the remaining time to steer your financial plan back on track. Starting with a savings account in Las Vegas, these are a few tips that will help reset your financial goals for the year.

1. Evaluate Your Savings Account

Even if you haven't saved what you planned, saving something is better than nothing. Zero in on why you haven't met your savings goal and consider designating your savings account as “automatic” so deposits are made effortlessly.

2. Reduce Unnecessary Spending

You know what you can and cannot live without, so the time is now to cut out the former so you can channel money elsewhere – such as your newly automated savings account.

3. Add Discipline to Your Weekly Spending with an Envelope System

At the beginning of the week, put a reasonable amount of cash for lunch, coffee and other “necessities” in an envelope. Paying for items with cash often has a way of making purchases seem more connected to a paycheck, and it may even encourage you to bring your lunch and make other moves to cut back on spending.

4. Review Your Credit Cards Interest Rates

Unless you've taken advantage of the low-interest credit card available from Clark County Credit Union, you may be paying a rate that’s undermining your best efforts to save. Call the credit card company, emphasize your years of loyal patronage and ask for a lower rate; many times, it works. If it doesn't, you know where to go to get a much better deal.

5. Review Your Retirement Contributions for the Year

One of the best ways to impact your financial goals is to make the maximum yearly contribution to your retirement plan. If you haven’t been able to contribute as much as you’d like this year, making small changes now can have a big impact. One way to make up for lost time is to to postpone an end-of-year vacation or scale back holiday plans and invest the money into your retirement plan.

6. Rebalance Your Financial Goals with Banzai

CCCU has partnered with a team of savvy advisors so you can get the expert financial advice you need and trust. Banzai is a free service available to both members of CCCU and nonmembers. No matter how sensitive or difficult the topic – debt management, credit report analysis, or bankruptcy – you can count on Banzai to help you get your finances back on track.

Open a Savings Account in Las Vegas Through CCCU

When looking for ways to reset your financial goals for the year, turn to Clark County Credit Union. Start by opening a savings account in Las Vegas and finish by walking through your finances step-by-step with a financial advisor from Banzai. Call CCCU at 702-228-2228 to get started today.


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