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Top 3 Reasons A Credit Union is Better than a Bank

If you think all financial institutions are created equal, think again!

Sure, banks and credit unions are both financial organizations where you can handle your banking business, but there are plenty of differences between these two types of organizations.

Here are our top three reasons to join the best credit union in Las Vegas:

1. Service

Credit unions are service-driven establishments. They are owned and controlled by their members, which means they exist solely to serve their people.

Think credit unions can't offer the same variety of services big banks do? This is a common myth, but it's simply not true.

The best credit unions in Las Vegas are meant to serve their members and local communities, so we offer the same products and services big banks do. We provide checking, savings, credit card, and loan accounts. We operate ATMs around the community, and offer online banking services just like any corporate bank.

The difference? Our "by the people and for the people" approach generally makes for an overall more pleasant experience.

2. Friendly Staff

Credit unions are invested in the happiness and well-being of their members.

You can rest assured we go out of our way to hire exceptional people who care about our mission and vision. This translates into exceptional customer service across the counter.

Don't be surprised if the employees know you by name and remember what you talked about last time you came by. To employees, our members are part of their family.

3. Better Pricing

Checking Account CCCU

Because credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives, their customers are called members. When credit unions achieve financial success, their members reap the rewards. Conversely, banks are for-profit retail establishments, which focus on rewarding their stockholders.

As a member-owned cooperative, we offer advantages over big banks in the form of:

  • Bonus dividends
  • Higher savings account interest rates
  • Lower loan interest rates
  • Lower fees

We also offer plenty of free general services you may have to pay for if you go with a big bank. Many banks will charge fees for basic service, such as standard checking and savings accounts. Credit unions typically offer fee-free (and hassle-free) services as part of their standard menu of offerings.

Join the Best Credit Union in Las Vegas

Ready to be a member of the best credit union in Las Vegas? Set up an account or call 702-228-2228, and get ready to explore an exceptional banking experience on a whole new level!

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