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Saving Money with CCCU

Saving Money with CCCU

It's been said adults find it most difficult to lose weight and save money.

You can flip a coin on that choice or look at it this way: you can count calories, downsize your portions, eliminate certain foods and still take days or weeks to lose weight. But when you make a concerted effort to save money, you start saving as soon as you “pass go” and become a member of Clark County Credit Union.

No one should have a monopoly on saving money, however, so spread these ideas around to friends or family to see who can outmaneuver whom. Saving money is no board game, but you'll feel anything but bored as you watch the savings stack up.

Say goodbye to traditional bank rates

You can open an account at CCCU with only a $50 deposit. If you're used to so-called “bank rates,” prepare to do a double-take as you size up CCCU's:

Say hello to the CCCU Visa card

Many people don't associate spending money with saving money, but then, they probably don't know of the inherent savings power of a CCCU Visa credit card. It offers:

  • A low interest rate of 9.99 percent
  • No annual fee
  • Protection against fraud and theft
  • A borrowing limit based on credit history, which CCCU's team of financial advisers can help you restore and/or improve

CCCU's advisers are master budgeters

Our advisers stand ready to help, beginning with drafting a monthly budget. CCCU's team realizes one of the most effective ways to help people create a budget is to make one grounded in reality.

Get a jump on this exercise right now by setting aside all receipts for everything you purchased during the month –grocery, lunch, coffee, clothing and miscellaneous purchases. Yes, you're bound to find some items you can live without – and money you can set aside in an interest-earning account.

Combined with your utility bills and regular monthly expenses, CCCU's advisers can help you create a budget, balanced against your income, which includes a monthly savings goal. Skeptical? It's smart to chart small, attainable goals rather than large, unrealistic ones. Put another way, it's better to make a habit of setting aside $50 a week than pledging to save $6,000 a year.

CCCU’s team are born savers

If it's a specific savings goal you have in mind, CCCU's financial team can help you:

  • Establish an emergency fund (typically enough money to cover six months of expenses)
  • Save for vacation
  • Save for a car
  • Save for college or continuing education

Unlike many banks, which want you to spend money, CCCU wants to help you save money - and enjoy the many benefits of being a proud member of our community. One of the best qualities we share with banks is we insure deposits, up to $250,000 per account.* Opening an account at CCCU takes only a few minutes – meaning you're only minutes away from saving more of your hard-earned money. Call CCCU at 702-228-2228 to get started opening an account today.

*Deposits are privately insured by American Share Insurance.

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