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How to Fix Budget Drains for the Best Savings Account in North Las Vegas

If only the solution were as simple as a plug for your sink. When you lodge the plug properly in a sink, it prevents water from draining out so you can soak dishes as long as you like.

Then again, plugging “budget drains” can be nearly as simple, provided you're armed with the correct “budget drain stopper.” Once you know how to plug the expenses that drain your weekly and monthly budget, you'll have more money to place in the best savings account in North Las Vegas. Then you can start compounding your hard-earned money, and with astonishing results.

Keep the best savings account in North Las Vegas top-of-mind

  • Budget drain 1: The daily coffee and lunch stop.

    Americans love their coffee. So much so that more than half spend over $1,000 a year to sustain the habit. Two-thirds of Americans spend twice that amount to buy lunch. The worst offenders? Millennials who freely admit to spending more on coffee than investing in their retirement.
    • Plug it by making coffee at home and “brown bagging it.” If you can't go full tilt, consider a twice-weekly indulgence one week and a thrice-weekly indulgence the next. You'll still cut this budget drain in half, giving you more money to tuck inside the best savings account in North Las Vegas.
  • Budget drain 2: Cable TV.

    There's a good reason why “cable cutters” have generated so much attention in the last year: They know many Americans are paying for dozens of channels they don't watch, through cable boxes they don't use.
    • Plug it by evaluating your viewership habits and identifying those programs you absolutely must watch in real time (such as sports) vs. those you can watch later for free online. A bevy of cable alternatives are available, with more free programming coming in 2017.
  • Budget drain 3: The “plugged-in lifestyle.”

    Paying for phone, text and other hand-held amenities can be expensive for one person. While family packages may look appealing, they can often disguise how much data you're paying for vs. how much you actually use each month.
    • Plug it by spending some time reviewing your phone plan, preferably by visiting your provider in person (since you'll probably get better service and answers). If you're incurring overage charges, it may be time to change your data plan – or change carriers. They are in fierce competition for business, so it's smart to turn this dynamic to your advantage.

Opening the best savings account in North Las Vegas

Once you plug these three fierce budget drains, you can start saving with the best savings account in North Las Vegas at Clark County Credit Union and watch your money grow exponentially. You'll also derive access to a bevy of financial resources – and that's a service you cannot put a price tag on. Call CCCU today at 702-228-2228.


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