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How the Best Credit Unions in North Las Vegas Can Protect You While Traveling this Summer

Stay Safe While Being AwayIf you're like many Americans, you plan to take a vacation before Labor Day. Also, like most Americans, you're going to worry about how to keep your money safe while you're away from home.
Before you think about what you'll pack for your trip, pack up your worries about keeping your personal information safe while you’re gone. The best credit unions in North Las Vegas, Clark County Credit Union is committed to helping you keep your personal information safe – both with sensible tips and with its fraud detection system.

Heed financial safety tips from the best credit unions in North Las Vegas

  • Take a minimal amount of cash. Bring only enough cash to cover tips, gratuities, or those charges you cannot otherwise add to a bill. Keeping track of cash can be a nuisance, and counting bills in public view can make you an easy target for potential thieves.
  • If you don't already have one, and there are at least 10 business days before your trip, apply for a CCCU Visa card. It's far better than carrying cash – and the card carries a low annual interest rate, too. If the card is lost or stolen while you're on vacation, notify our fraud prevention team at CCCU at 800-847-2911.
  • Notify us before you leave on vacation. It's not the end of the world if you don't; we watch your account carefully anyway. However, you can avoid us flagging your account for making purchases in a state you’re not commonly in if we know ahead of time. We also know it's common for people to lose or misplace a credit or debit card or even suffer a theft while they're on vacation.
  • Do not hand your credit or debit card to a merchant and allow that person out of your sight – even for a minute. Unscrupulous merchants have been known to take pictures of credit and debit cards and jot down the numbers when consumers' backs are turned.
  • Avoid out-of-the-way ATMs that look damaged; they could contain card skimmers. Even if it's inconvenient, go to a credit union or bank, where security cameras are persuasive deterrents to thieves.
  • Do not pay bills or check your Clark County Credit Union account on public Wi-Fi systems, which are easy targets for hackers. Use a virtual private network instead

The best credit unions in North Las Vegas remain on high alert

If you're leaving for vacation, call 702-228-2228. We'll be waiting for your call – because this is the kind of vigilance customers expect of the best credit unions in North Las Vegas.


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