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How Trustworthy Car Financing in Las Vegas can Improve Your Car Buying Experience for Your Child’s First Car

Buying your child's first car can seem like an intimidating experience--but it doesn't have to be. Choosing a trustworthy car dealership who will understand your needs while helping you stick to your budget will make all the difference. When looking for the best car financing Las Vegas has to offer, a credit union will be more likely to put your needs first. Here are a few things to think about when choosing where to buy your child's first car.

  • Values.

    You want to find car financing your family can trust. A non-profit credit union will be interested in member support rather than achieving the greatest profit, so you can trust the advice you receive.
  • Convenience.

    Unlike most dealerships who sell priced-up bank loans, you're better off finding a place where you can get the vehicle and the loan together.
  • Trade-In Value.

    Trading in an older vehicle for credit is a great way to take a bite out of the cost of a newer car. Some dealerships might try to give you less than your vehicle is worth so they can make a profit on it when they resell it. Stick with a credit union that has its members' needs at the forefront of every transaction.
  • Buyer Protection.

    Getting low, non-profit priced loan protection, including gap coverage, vehicle service plans, credit disability coverage and life insurance, will help you keep your vehicle in the event things go wrong. A credit union will offer you this coverage at rates you can trust.

Car Finance in Las Vegas

If your child will be financing the car themselves, check into first-time car buyer loans that provide extra help for new owners. When choosing a vehicle, consider shopping on the credit union's lot as you'll find vehicles traded in by other members that have been inspected and are insurable. Or, when MABS acts as a broker, you can get any make and model, or options for new cars. Save time by shopping for your next car through Members Auto. Being CCCU’s trusted car dealership you can get a hassle free car buying experience and financing all in under an hour.

When it's time to put the keys in your teens' hands, CCCU has the car financing Las Vegas parents love and trust. Call CCCU at 702-228-2228 today to get started, or stop by the Tenaya branch to browse Members Auto inventory.


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