Clark County Credit Union (Las Vegas, NV)

How CCCU Can Help With Your Las Vegas Vehicle Financing

Car FinancingMost people can benefit from trustworthy resources as they shop for a new or pre-owned vehicle, including someone to offer financial advice, someone to offer a selection of vehicles and someone to extend a loan. Clark County Credit Union and Members Auto simplify the realm of Las Vegas vehicle finance and provide a seamless car-buying experience. Here's how they work together for your benefit:

Members Auto Makes Car-Buying Fun

Members Auto, a subsidiary of Clark County Credit Union, makes car shopping a low-key, simple experience because this team:

• Listens carefully to what a customer wants and needs in a vehicle.
• Presents options that suit both needs and wants.
• Extends fair (if not exceptional) prices. Members Auto's relationships with local and out-of-state dealerships allow the team to purchase great vehicles at competitive prices, and these savings are passed along to members and never charging a ‘document’ fee
• Kindly listens as grateful customers remark how the only “pressure” they felt was in the tires under the car they were test-driving. In other words, Members Autos eschews the high-intensity drama whipped up at other dealerships. The way the Members Auto team sees it, you will purchase only so many vehicles in your lifetime, so the experience ought to be fun – not fodder for a reality TV show.

CCCU Simplifies Las Vegas Vehicle Finance

If you're not already a member of Clark County Credit Union, a mere $50 opening deposit in a savings account will entitle you to:

• Lower rates than you will find from other lenders. We can do this because unlike a bank, a credit union is a financial cooperative that funnels profits directly to its members, not a demanding board of directors.
• Terms that suit your needs.
• A more compassionate stance toward mediocre credit or past credit problems.
• Personalized service that just might make you blush. Even if you're not easily impressed, you will definitely notice the distinctly helpful and friendly atmosphere at Clark County Credit Union.

We exist to make our members' lives easier, better and more comfortable. Contact CCCU at 702-228-2228 to get started with your Las Vegas vehicle finance today and see how hassle free the car buying experience can be.


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