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Using a Las Vegas HELOC for Fall Home Improvement and Maintenance Tasks

home improvementsFall is a great time to get started on the home improvement projects you've been putting off because of the Las Vegas summer heat. Using a HELOC in Las Vegas may be a good place to start when looking to finance your project. When adding value to your home, leveraging its equity can make financial sense in many situations. Whether you want to do a major home remodel or a fewer smaller upgrades, consider their long-term benefit before tapping into your home equity.

Here are 4 fall home improvement and maintenance tasks that can add to your home's value.

1. Garage Door Replacement

Any improvement that adds value to the overall function and security of your home is a smart investment. Replace old wooden garage doors with technologically advanced ones. A new garage door also adds curb appeal to your home, can reduce your homeowner's insurance, and lower utility bills. Look in to insulating the insides of your new roll-up door with one or two-inch thick Styrofoam sheets. They're easy to install and relatively affordable. You'll end up with a much cooler garage which will also assist your indoor cooling.

2. Roof Replacement

One of the top value-adding renovations you can do is replace your home's roof. There are reasons other than a leak to replace a roof. When combined with new siding or a fresh coat of paint on the house, a new roof can make your home look like new. Apart from aesthetics, a new roof is also very appealing to a prospective home buyer.

3. Update the HVAC

Most HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. Today's systems are more effective at reducing the cooling load, have improved efficiency, can be integrated with your digital devices, and enhance indoor air quality. Replacing your old system with an Energy Star-rated system can save you money on your utility bills while making your house far more comfortable.

Be aware of the coolant that is used in your A/C or heat pump equipment. The old Freon R-22 is going away. The new version, called R-410A is more efficient and safe for the environment. However, you can't just replace the coolant inside the machinery. You will need to update the coil and air handler to accommodate the new fluid. So don't invest in any new R-22 hardware. It will be outlawed in the next two years.

4. New Windows

Installing double-paned windows is an efficient choice when replacing your home's windows. The thicker glass helps to better insulate your Las Vegas home, keeping it cooler by reducing the heat transfer from outside. If you have older wood windows that are single-paned, now is the time to think about replacing them.

Contact CCCU to get Started on Your Home Improvement Projects with a HELOC in Las Vegas

Clark County Credit Union offers a flexible HELOC that can help you finance your home improvement projects this fall. Why not get started today? To learn more, call 702-228-2228 to speak with one of our representatives to gather more information about a HELOC in Las Vegas.


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