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CCCU’s Vehicle Financing in Las Vega

CCCU’s Vehicle Financing in Las Vegas

If you're shopping for a car, whether it's brand new or pre-owned, you've probably figured out there are tons of financing options. Although you have plenty of plans before you, there are elements essential to your loan, which may not be available at all financial institutions.

At CCCU, we're proud to offer some of the best vehicle financing Las Vegas has available.

Here are three reasons you should consider financing through us:

1. GAP Insurance and Pricing

If you don't know what GAP insurance is, you've been fortunate enough not to have been in a serious car accident while you were paying a car loan. While we're glad you've always been safe thus far, you don't always have control over what the "other guy" will do on the road.

Guaranteed Asset Protection, or GAP, offers you a way to cover the gap, so to speak, between what you owe on the car and what assessors say your car is worth in the event of the car being totaled, stolen, or profoundly damaged.

For just a few dollars a month, CCCU offers you the ability to add GAP insurance to your loan so you're protected against any untimely (and expensive) mishaps that could occur in the future.

Beyond current car protection, we offer a $1,000 credit toward your next vehicle purchase if you purchase GAP protection through CCCU.

2. Disability/ Life Insurance

At CCCU, our members don't only look to us for the best vehicle financing Las Vegas has to offer, but also because we're looking out for their best interests.

If you become medically disabled, our Member Guard Debt Cancellation service will allow you to cancel your monthly payment. Untimely death for you or a co-borrower may also be covered under the Loss of Life protection plan, which could cancel out any remaining loan balance. Furthermore, the Debt Cancellation segment of our policies could offer protection from additional financial burdens.

3. Extended Warranties

Every car, no matter how low the price tag, is an expensive investment, and nobody should be left in the cold, hoping their purchase works out well in the end. When you finance through CCCU, your major repairs are protected by legitimate credit union preferred extended warranty service providers who will assist with mechanical needs, roadside assistance, towing, and more.

As an added bonus, our members receive better prices from certified companies that most programs can’t offer. You're welcome to take your vehicle to any ASE-certified mechanic or a local dealer to reap the benefits of your warranty repairs.

Start Your Vehicle Financing in Las Vegas Through CCCU Today

Ready to get the keys to your new car? CCCU is the place for vehicle financing Las Vegas residents come to when it's time to buy their cars. Take the stress out of financing your cars today by calling 702-228-2228 or, apply online!

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