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Building Up Your Savings Account: Financial Savvy Tips for College Students

$1.5 trillion is the amount of money owed by current and former college students who financed their post-secondary educations. These people collectively owe more than the combined total of everyone who has a credit card. If you're among the masses who took out student loans to pay for your college education, there’s good news. There are five simple ways to get some money into your savings account.

  1. Compare Options

    Spend some time bargain hunting. Buying used textbooks can be considerably less expensive than buying new ones, and you don't have to compromise quality. Think about it: why buy the new text book when a used one costs half as much and contains the same information? 

  2. Cut Back on the Coffee

    Buying your coffee every day from a coffee shop will cost you about $3 per cup. Buying a bag and brewing the same coffee at home can save you nearly $800 a year. That's a nice addition to your savings account.

  3. Budget

    Often times, you’ve got to adjust your lifestyle and cut back on spending in order to save. But, the sooner you learn to say you've got a budget, the sooner you'll be able to start adding money to your savings account. 

  4. Get a Job

    Getting a job can make the life you currently live much better. You'll have more money now and more money in the future. It may seem like you don’t have time, but even a part-time job can exponentially calm your financial stresses.

Open a Savings Account, and Start Saving Today!

The easiest way to start saving is to open a savings account with Clark County Credit Union. All it takes to get started is $5. Don't let student debt drag you down. Contact us at 702-228-2228 to start saving today!

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