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Benefits of a Chip Card through the Best Credit Union in North Las Vegas

Debit Card Chip

You've likely seen, or at least heard of the latest technology of chip cards. These debit and credit cards have an embedded computer chip in them and are a shift in technology from the traditional magnetic strip cards in which we have become accustomed. The best credit union in North Las Vegas, Clark County Credit Union, is excited to announce they now offer chip cards. Make note of the following benefits of using a credit card with a chip, rather than just a magnetic strip.

Increased Transaction Security

While magnetic strip credit cards store all of the information in the magnetic strip, chip cards store all of the information in an encrypted microprocessor smart chip. Due to this difference, magnetic strips are more prone to fraudulent activity since the information on them can be intercepted via skimmers, resulting in someone illegally charging transactions to you. With chip cards, it is much harder to obtain the information stored in the encrypted chip because the internal number of your card changes every time you use it.

Chip Cards are a Global Standard

Although chip cards have only been introduced in the United States in the past couple of years, this technology is already standard in most other countries. This makes traveling easier, as chip cards are more common, and magnetic strip cards have started phasing themselves out in other countries. In the U.S., chip cards will still be equipped with a magnetic strip, as not all businesses have upgraded to the chip payment option yet.

Chip Cards Work in Offline Mode

Due to the chip technology found in chip cards, they are able to perform both offline cardholder verification and offline transaction verification. This means that terminals can be designed to accept offline PIN codes if the internet is down. With magnetic strip cards they would have to be manually written on a store receipt with an imprint of the card.

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If you have any questions about the benefits of our new chip cards or would like to open a new account, contact Clark County Credit Union, the best credit unions in North Las Vegas at 702-228-2228.

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