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Advantages of Choosing CCCU as Your Auto Finance in North Las Vegas

Auto Loan Officer

When you purchase a new or used vehicle and finance the cost, you're stuck with whatever loan you are able to get in the moment, right? Wrong! We can help you with the best auto finance in North Las Vegas. When you refinance with CCCU, here is what you can expect:

Better Rates

CCCU always offers low rates and flexible terms so you’re comfortable with your loan. Even if we cannot beat your current rates, we have something traditional banks offering auto finance in North Las Vegas do not: Bonus Dividends. When we have a good year and have more in reserves than what is necessary, we pay out a special dividend to our members. You read that right - we'll actually give back the extra money we earned over the year. Last year our dividend paid out nearly 3 million dollars.

Better Credit

If your credit has improved since you initially applied for auto finance in North Las Vegas, chances are you're ready for a better loan. Your current credit rating is the central part of building an auto loan package. If you had a couple of dings to your credit, or if your history was too short to have a high enough score, then you may not have had the best possible options at the time of purchase. If you've worked hard to improve your score, then you should be rewarded!

Buying a new or used vehicle can be a stressful process, and many dealerships can make you feel like you have no choice in how the transaction takes place. You may have been intimidated by fast-talkers or felt like these "experts" knew more than you did, so you weren't comfortable asking questions or shopping around for rates.

At CCCU, we're looking for long-term customers, not a quick sale. We have time for you and your questions.

Easy Trade-Ins

When you've paid off your refinanced loan through CCCU and you're ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle, we'll be there for that, too. Our Members Auto brokerage service is a state-licensed dealership with inventory on site, so skip the hassle of a high-pressure dealer and another loan that isn't right for you. We can handle the entire transaction, from shopping for the right vehicle to getting the right auto finance in North Las Vegas for your new or used car. Members can also receive a discount from our partnering insurance company. Everything you need, from top to bottom, all in one place.

Ready to Get Started with New Auto Finance in North Las Vegas?

You don't have to feel trapped in your current auto loan. Let CCCU show you there are better options for auto finance in North Las Vegas. If you're ready to get started, call 702-228-2228 and choose Option 3 today.

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