Clark County Credit Union (Las Vegas, NV)

Add up the Benefits of Joining CCCU

You'll need to ensure more than the addition key is working on your calculator when you add up the benefits of joining CCCU. You'll need to ensure the multiplication key is functioning, too.

Don't blame this necessity on “new math” or even old math. It's simply reality at CCCU. Our mission: work harder so your money can work smarter. We offer many benefits, including: great rates, great service, and a piece of the annual bonus dividend.*

Add up the services you need, now and in the future

Essentially, CCCU functions as a one-stop financial and investment service, addressing an expansive scope of needs, both immediate and long term in nature. Consider what is available to you as soon as you open an account at CCCU with only a $50 deposit:

  • Savings accounts
    • Regular
    • Secondary Savings
    • Vacation Club
    • Christmas Club
    • More Money / Money Market
  • Checking accounts Certificates of deposits (CDs) and IRA certificates
  • Credit cards with no annual fee
  • Direct deposit
  • Competitive interest rates on savings accounts, CDs and money market accounts
  • Investment services
  • Low interest rates on mortgages
  • Low interest rates on vehicle loans
  • Notary services
  • Online banking
  • Mobile banking

Add up better rates and lower fees at CCCU

If highly competitive and low-interest rates have piqued your interest – and maybe even your skepticism – remember credit unions and banks are fundamentally different. Credit unions have members; banks have shareholders, and without the latter to make demands, credit unions are generally able to offer better rates and lower fees. Any profits go directly to credit union members rather than a bank's board of directors. CCCU has a board of directors, too, but our board members are unpaid volunteers.

Another difference between banks and credit unions is how they are insured. At an FDIC-insured bank, the standard deposit insurance coverage limit is $250,000 per depositor. At CCCU, funds are insured by American Share Insurance, a private deposit insurer that covers $250,000 per individual account.

Add up the benefits of personalized service at CCCU

CCCU lives up to another expectation of credit unions: the time and attention they extend to customers. In fact, credit unions have consistently ranked highest for customer service in a Gallup study commissioned by American Banker magazine.

This might come as especially good news to millennials, who are spurning banks in large numbers. A recent three-year study found millennials – or those young adults born around the turn of the new millennium – believe banks can be cold, impersonal places. Moreover, this group is also finding banks to be “irrelevant.”

No one, of any age, will encounter this problem at CCCU. Here, employees take the time to get to know their customers on a first-name basis and treat them like extended family members, which they are. And this is when the benefits of joining CCCU really begin to multiply.

*The bonus dividend is a cash disbursement to CCCU members. It is based on a net value that the credit union earns throughout the year on operations and investments, but does not need to retain on hand. The bonus dividend is not guaranteed.

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