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The Best Credit Union in Las Vegas Discusses Aftershock

If there's one thing we know about cyber criminals, it’s that they are persistent. When security experts and users catch up to one approach, another is soon to follow. Part of being the best credit union Las Vegas residents have grown to trust means staying ahead of the attacks. The latest worry for security experts is "aftershock" password attacks, and this type of data breach could be on the rise in the New Year.

What is an "Aftershock Attack?"

When an earthquake strikes, the most obvious damage usually occurs with the first wave. People are shaken and property is destroyed, and as soon as the tremors stop, people start to relax again and pick up the pieces. It is in these moments of confidence after the initial strike many people are taken by surprise by the aftershocks, or smaller waves that echo out after the initial strike.

Security breaches follow a similar pattern. The initial data collection consists of large amounts of stolen payment and identity information, and businesses and consumers race to secure assets before too much damage can be done. Once the initial flurry of activity calms, the aftershocks will strike. This is because criminals are reselling previously leaked information on the dark web, sometimes years after the initial attack.

Protecting Yourself from an Aftershock


Protecting yourself from an aftershock is essential. Clark County Credit Union, CTO, Fred Howard said, "CCCU will always take great measures to keep their customers safe. If we're to remain the best credit union Las Vegas has to offer, then privacy and security must be our top priority. However, people can take this safety into their own hands to be sure their payment and identity information is secure by always following the latest password best practices."

Here's what you need to know about creating and keeping strong passwords:

  • Change your passwords often. If your passwords have been stolen but not used yet, a simple password change will render that data breach ineffective. Also, never use the same password for everything, especially sites that store sensitive information.
  • Make Passwords Difficult. A difficult-to-guess password doesn't have to be one that is difficult for you to remember. Try using strings of words rather than a single word, and use song titles or lyrics to make it memorable.
  • Use More than Letters. Always include numbers and symbols in your passwords. If you're worried about remembering them, try swapping the letter "L" with the number "1" and other similar swaps.
  • Double Authentication. Double authentication is having to complete a second action after entering your password. For some sites, the second action is entering a code sent via text message. Others have security questions to answer. Whenever this option is available, be sure to use it.

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