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Summer Spending Tips

Summer is all about having fun and making memories. But, between weekend road trips, BBQs and dinners with friends, costs can add up quickly. To save you from this pitfall, take a look at these summer spending tips that will keep your wallet in check during the coming months.

Tips to Regulate Your Summer Spending

Set a Budget
It's easy to splurge when you're having fun with friends. You can prevent unnecessary expenditures by setting a social calendar, so you can set money aside for upcoming outings. When the time comes for you to meet with friends, be strict with the limitations you've set for yourself to avoid overspending.

Put the Plastic Away
Many people can’t resist the temptation to overspend with credit cards and, consequently, end up accruing substantial debt. Instead, take out a set amount of cash each time you get paid, and commit to spending only that amount until the next payday arrives. 

Save for Spontaneity
You can stay within the confines of your budget and still have fun. Pick a certain percentage of your income and put it in a fund for spontaneous activities. This way, you can participate in impromptu outings without feeling guilty about going over budget.

Take a Staycation
You may be desperate for a vacation, but between hotels, airfare and eating out, traveling can be expensive. If you're not able to go all-cash for a vacation, start saving now for a grand getaway next year. This year, take a staycation somewhere that fits within your current budget. Look for hotel deals around town that offer discounts to locals.

Clark County Credit Union is committed to helping our members make the most of their budget. From savings accounts to investment opportunities and expert advice, our team is here to help you reach your financial goals. Contact us today at 702-228-2228 for more information and check out Banzai, which offers a variety of free financial resources and tools.

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