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How to Budget for School Supplies and Ease the Burden on Your Checking Account

School may have already started, but the need to buy supplies is ongoing and can put a strain on your checking account. The following are some tips on how you can save money throughout the school year:

Don’t Buy All of Your Child’s Clothes at Once

If you buy an entirely new wardrobe for your child, you may find they outgrow some of the items before he or she even has a chance to wear them. Delaying some purchases will help you save money and will make it easier on your checking account by spreading out the expenses.

Save on Sports and Activities

Contact other parents whose kids have already been part of the same team or group your child is joining to see if they have used equipment you could buy. In addition, you can check online on sites like eBay, Craigslist or a local Facebook buying-and-selling group to look for used equipment or visit a brick-and-mortar store like Play It Again Sports.

Shop Around for Textbooks

If you have a college student, each semester or quarter brings a need for new textbooks, and their prices can be astronomical. Check to see if an eBook is available and if your child is comfortable with this option, since it can often be cheaper. If the books are ones that won’t be needed for future reference, you can sometimes rent them through the college bookstore, Amazon or Don’t assume the college bookstore has the best price. Amazon or are often cheaper.

Wait for Sales on Electronics

When your child needs a new laptop or tablet, try to hold off until Christmas sales start, which can be as early as October. This is when the big discounts will be found, and you can save a significant amount of money if you wait and shop around.

Hold Out for Clearance Items

After school starts back up, you’ll find many items marked down for clearance. So, if your child wanted a more expensive backpack or pair of jeans, they may be able to make do with what they had last year until items are marked down.

Save Money With the Right Kind of Checking Account

Saving money is easier if your checking account doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Clark County Credit Union offers a variety of options that let you avoid this expense and will give you the features you need. For more information, contact us at 702-228-2228, and visit Banzai for more ways to save money.

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