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How to Balance Friends and Finances with the Best Bank Accounts in North Las Vegas


Many adults have at least one friend who has "money problems," which often manifests in five distinct behaviors that, left unchecked, can strain and ultimately doom a friendship.

This friend isn't a "bad person" by any definition. In fact, many money-strapped people are often easygoing, supportive and loyal. These winning qualities often provide a convincing rationale to tolerate their behavior in silence. But you also know if you say nothing, the behavior will continue; the truth is, no matter how decent, kind and enjoyable a money-strapped friend may be, they may have also mastered the skill of manipulation.

Learn how to put an end to these behaviors and address the root of the problem – poor money management – by introducing your friend to the best bank accounts in North Las Vegas.

  • Behavior: The "I forgot my wallet" ruse
    • Strategy: It's a classic ruse, albeit not a very clever one. Who forgets to bring a wallet to a bar or restaurant? Would you? Play the good sport once, but next time, check more than your coat at the door. Do a friendly "wallet check," too. If the wallet is missing in action, go someplace where you can sit and talk (your place, your friend's place) free of charge.
  • Behavior: The "I have to make a phone call/go to the bathroom" ruse as the check arrives
    • Strategy: Whoever said the first person who touches a bill "owns" it? Use your friend's getaway time to calculate his or her portion of the bill. If you can't be this assertive, offer to treat your friend "this time" as long as he or she steps up next time. Many friends take turns picking up the bill; true friends stick to the commitment of reciprocation.
  • Behavior: The convincing sob story ruse
    • Strategy: This ruse can be the most startling of all, catching you off-guard as you're happily browsing a store. Then your friend drops the bomb: "I really, really love this! If only I had the money to buy it!" This is no ruse for the weak-hearted. Unless your friend's birthday is approaching, and a treat seems appropriate, take a firm and upbeat approach – and foreshadow your end-game of helping them learn healthy financial strategies: "I can see why you love this. Let's see if the store has a layaway plan so you can get it."
  • Behavior: The "have I got a deal for you" ruse
    • Strategy: Maybe this ruse shares space with a sincere desire to expose you to a new product or service. Make no mistake your friend has dollar signs in mind, too. If you're being talked into a one-time purchase, and it's reasonable, you may want to go along to keep the peace. But a pyramid scheme or a product that requires automatic monthly renewals? Take a polite pass.
  • Behavior: The "help me now, I'll pay you later" ruse
    • Strategy: This behavior can be the most hurtful of all, which is why financial experts almost universally advise against loaning money to friends; it often destroys friendships, for a myriad of reasons. One of the reasons: the money doesn't get paid back, which is a possibility you must entertain before you rush to withdraw money from your best bank account in North Las Vegas.

Have your friend open the best bank account in North Las Vegas

Since these behaviors signify a latent cry for financial help, the most constructive help you can offer a money-strapped friend is to let them know about helpful financial strategies, such as joining Clark County Credit Union, where the best bank accounts in North Las Vegas will be part of their journey to fiscal discipline. Make an afternoon of it – and know you'll be setting them on a more responsible path teeming with lessons that will last a lifetime. Call 702-228-2228 to get started today.

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